Alight Motion Blur Effect- Download Alight Motion To Apply BLur Effect in Motion

Motion Blur puts a blurry touch on moving things, and the degree of blur depends on how much they shift in position, size, or rotation as time progresses. You’ll notice this blurriness when you apply Motion Blur to a layer that’s been jazzed up with Move & Transform. Move & Transform relies on keyframes to pinpoint a layer’s specifics—like where it is, how big, or how turned around—at a particular moment. If you’ve got more than one keyframe for any of these properties on a layer, it gracefully glides between those values as time ticks away, following the chosen easing curve.

The alight motion blur effect is a super easy and quick way to blur the moving graphics, objects, or any other elements in motion. Since Alight Motion offers stunning and trending effects, people love these effects so much. Creating any video with these effects shows the best results, and videos go trending on social media like YouTube or Tiktok.

Alight Motion Blur Effect

A good application like Alight Motion gives you the right platform to edit the video using the best templates and effects in minimum time and money. We will showcase different effects but discuss the Light motion blur effect today. The best part of using the Alight Motion app is its versatility on iOS, PC, and Android devices.

Whenever we think about choosing an effect, we need complete information. You need a tutorial on using it and how options work for which purpose. So you don’t need to get worried about that. We will give you some knowledge about the Alight motion blur effect.

The Alight motion blur effect is not a tough task. You can easily learn how to do this by following our instructions. It will be super easy for you once you try it on your own. The blur effect can be attained by blurring the layer. The layer will be based on place, rotation, and scale keyframe animation. The layer’s Move & Transform settings also really matter.

  • When you want to apply the blur effect, you need to check the level of tuning the motion blur.
  • Simply, it means you must adjust the number of blur effects when you apply the blur effect.
  • That is the level of blurring you need. 
  • Usually, it ranges from 0 to 4 levels.
  • There are many ways to apply motion blur.
  • Such as the change in position, scale, and angle or rotation can cause blur effects. 

Although these are all causes of motion blur, use keyframes when we need to move or transform any element, and then it adds a motion blur effect. The move and transform animation also affect the ratio or amount of blur effect. In fact, due to artistic blending reasons, you may want to change its tuning to the actual ratio; in that case, you can alter it by accommodating the tuning property.  

The alight motion blur also estimates the movement of the layers frame by frame. In simple words,  the whole frame rate of your project relies on the amount of blur. 

Motion blur is a manufactured effect, so many cases or situations may not support your project or give you the expected results. 

Some of the cases are listed below.

  • This effect is never applied to faux 3D effects such as boxes, cylinders, etc.
  • Some of the procedural effects, such as checkers and stripes and the blur effect, can’t identify the motion by keyframe while these effects are applied. 
  • If you use properties like Color and fill or Border and shadow, you can’t blur them with a motion blur effect.

When you start using the motion blur effect and facing these unsupported situations, consider effects like Spin Blur or Directional Blur as a hack. 

There is another issue when you use Move & Transform animation; sometimes, it begins and ends unexpectedly, giving a hasty velocity change. Usually, it results in too much or not enough motion blur.

After so many requests, we prepared a solution for you. By using this hack, you can get rid of this problem. The super-easy way to 

The easiest way to resolve this is to accommodate the animation by using Easing curves so your videos start and end gradually.

If the first one is not working, then there is another option: you can place the Move & Transform keyframes very nearest to the edges or even as beyond the layer as possible you can. I hope it will fix your problem. 

Consequently, we can say that Alight Motion bestows its users with quality effects and top-notch tools, though there are many other editing apps like Alight Motion. The motion blur effect comes with the best and most plausible results. Alight Motion meets all the needs and requirements of an editor and social media creator by giving us professional motion effects. The blur effect is one of the most trending effects on social media right now. This effect is crossing millions of downloading records. Are you fed up watching others’ edited videos? Go for yours, create a stunning video on your own, and be a smart editor. 

1. How many effects are in alight motion?

There are numerous types of effects that Alight Motion is offering its users. But if you’re asking the answer in numbers, it offers more than a hundred effects.

2. What is an alight motion edit?

Fortunately, in this era of apps, we have the best and most professional motion editing app, Alight Motion. It bestows its users with quality animation,  stunning motion graphics, amazing visual effects, classy video editing, and aesthetic video compositing.

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