Editing Apps Like Alight Motion APK For PC

Basically, professional editing apps like Alight Motion APK for PC are used to add spice and some magic to your photos and videos by using HD graphics, animations, and effects. Also, it helps you stand out on your social media friends. But if we have to create graphics on a professional level, then we use the best motion graphic software. This software is commonly used on the industrial level for making advertisement content, handling social networks, and for education and entertainment. The modern generation loves graphic pictorials; they can absorb the ideology behind an animated picture more efficiently. That is why these days, almost every industry is using these graphics motion software to run their firms.

Editing Apps Like Alight Motion APK For PC

For those who are ready to land in this field and opt for it as a career, choosing the best graphic motion software is their priority. This software is just fantastic; you can convey your thoughts and ideas through interesting and eye-catching animation and infographics so briefly, clearly, and effectively.

Animators can make mind-blowing apps and websites by using vibrant and amusing animated characters, graphics, symbols, effects, blur, and infographics. This enthusiastic industry is the best choice for those interested in creating digital art, animating characters, and much more. It has a big scope in almost every field, such as digital textile designing, interior designing, web designing, photography, photo and video editing, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc., if you’re a newbie in the graphic world. Then, you will observe so many options in a trail. But you only need some specific software that contains the exact features that you want. 

For that purpose, we have narrowed down a handy guide of important software to save you from hassle. It will prepare you for any interview regarding this or if you have to complete a project for a client.

Top 7 Best Editing Apps Like Alight Motion APK For PC

The best animation software to grow your motion graphics skills, along with features, is listed below.

1. Adobe After Effects (Best Choice Graphic software for video editing & animation software)

Key Features

  • Simulation effects
  • Slideshow design
  • UX/UI/Web design mockups
  • Logo Reveals
  • Title Animation
  • 3D Compositing
  • Motion Tracking
  • Object Removal
  • Template Creation
  • Web Design Mockups
  • Explainer Videos
  • Kinetic Typography
  • VFX


According to the expert, Adobe After Effects software is one of the best motion graphics and animation software. In this software, you create your editing in the form of layers. Moreover, it works as a hybrid for Photoshop. It means you can further open and edit in Photoshop. This is a great privilege for all designers because it maintains a Creative Cloud ecosystem. Also, it works perfectly with other non-linear editing systems. You can also successfully integrate with all 3D applications like 3D Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and third-party plugins through an extension. 

Adobe After Effects

However, you can carry your animated work to the screen. Fortunately, adobe is the best company offering multiple software, so they present After Effects as their best video editor software. That embraces the animated graphics from Photoshop and Illustrator and further combines and animates them. The finished After Effects project can be exported to the video editing software as the final video.

2. Cinema 4D (Choice of designers and local studios)

Key Features

  • 3D animation/modeling tools
  • Volume builder, fields
  • Node-based shaders
  • UV unwrapping
  • Enhanced CAD importer
  • Alembic baking


Cinema 4D is a simple transition to 3D work. It gives simple and quick working assistance to the designers and local studios. If you are much more skillful in After Effects then it would be your preference rather than using more complicated 3D tools. You can easily and flexibly get integrated into the after-effects. Moreover, you can make changes and duplicate the different parameters conveniently.

If you need to showcase your best animated 3D work, then you can connect those files with any GPU-accelerated rendering engine. This 3D software has a well-known engine that is called third-party Octane and such executing instruments as Redshift, V-Ray, etc.

Hence, it’s the best graphics animation software that integrates high-quality 3D elements into an endeavor. Then, Cinema 4D is an absolute solution for 3D graphic designers for creating modeling, texturing, rendering, animation, and simulation effects.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro (For professional video and sound co-editing)

Key Features

  • Synchronizes audio/video automatically
  • Simultaneous projects
  • Motion graphics templates
  • VR Editing/rotate sphere
  • Effects, transitions, labels
  • Video titling and graphics
  • Demanding on performance
  • Small, sometimes hidden buttons


Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional application that allows you to edit videos based on a timeline. Basically, it’s the best place for a professional video editor who wants to add the final touches to their videos by adding music, transitions, and sound. As well as they can also cut the animation snippets that help in improving the flow and synchronization of the whole video.  

Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the best features that Adobe launched in After Effects and Premiere Pro, side by side, is that they can be incorporated together. The motion designers and video editors can both bring the final video and audio together.

One of the significant features that are so admirable is that Premiere Pro has an aptitude for creating dynamic links with other Adobe software.

4. Mocha Pro (Robust planar tracking tool for VFX and post-production)

Key Features

  • Tracking and splines
  • Advanced modules: stabilization, lens calibration, 3D camera solver
  • GPU accelerated tracking, object removal
  • Sophisticated masking with edge-snapping
  • Stereo 360/VR support
  • Export data to industry-standard systems
  • The cost of a standalone application
  • Requires development and availability of Adobe products


If you have 0% idea about this assisting software, then we are introducing it with simple words. Basically, it is tracking systems that are planar-based. It acts as a tracker that traces the activity outside of a batch of pixels. It’s an excellent tool for designers who work on commercial projects executing screen replacement. It gives you righteous ideas for moving or removing objects. You might find it hard at first when you start the use of spline-based workflow; it gets super easy and convenient to track any movement.

You will encounter an incredibly robust tool if you are an animation artist and also interested in rotoscoping.

Moreover, the Mocha Pro also serves as a plug-in in After Effects or Premiere Pro. In other words, you can easily roam into AE, and after tracing the shots of videos, you can go back to AE after tracking data.

5. Adobe Photoshop (For video groups/transitions creation)

key Features

  • Timeline video creation
  • GIF-animation, rotoscope
  • Painting creation, texture editing
  • Design boards
  • Ability to stitch images together
  • Layout cell animations
  • Paid subscription
  • Bit-map based application


So now we will talk about the most prominent and promising editing software of Adobe. Photoshop has a vast list of features with such handy tools. Even every designer can learn its versatile characteristics. Such as you can create GIF animations, make changes in pixel-based bitmaps, using whiteboards for creating a design, create and edit storyboards and mood boards, and much more.

In addition, its universal and superlative features and tools are very demanding and basic, even though every artist and designer should learn it in the initial stage of their career because it helps a lot when you need to create textures, brushes, and cutting, paste, manipulating, and resizing the images.

Adobe Photoshop

If you meet your animated graphic projects no matter which designing field you are in; it’s very basic things to understand its sophisticated toolset for creating new designs from scratch and applying numerous filters to it. 

Furthermore, we are living in a digital and fast world, so now we don’t need to create storyboards and mood boards by using pen and paper. Nobody has much time for this hassle. Photoshop makes your work easier and quicker; you can create immediate sketches and compositions to impress your client.  

Lastly, The most profitable advantage that can flow to your mind is that you can easily integrate with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Users can skillfully import any of the PS format files directly into any Adobe software such as Adobe Illustrator or After Effects, etc.

6.  Blender (Free open-source 2D/3D creation suite)

Key Features

  • Cycles render engine
  • Rendering, modeling, sculpting
  • Animation and rigging
  • Grease pencil
  • VFX, simulation
  • Video editing, scripting
  • Requires installation and configuration skills


The next one is pretty interesting. Blender is a 2D and 3D creation suite that is established as the best free VFX software. To its features, it brings to you an open-source 3D modeling package that assists the users in creating 3D images. In the video gaming industry, it has a big name because it supports a gross 3D pipeline modeling 2D animation pipeline, and snap-in animation. The user can also do simulation, rendering, composition, and motion tracking like mocha, as well as video editing. 

Moreover, Blender has a specialty in a steep learning curve. This software gives you an open source to the whole macrocosm of possibilities, such as CPU/GPU/VR rendering, PBR shaders, and HDR lighting support. Not only this, it helps in creating a 3D painting with textured, creating new brushes, assistance in masking, and much more. Like Photoshop, it is a perfect motion graphic solution whether you want to do 2D/3D modeling or want a bunch of new characters.

7. Illustrator (The industry-standard vector graphics software)

Key Features

  • Pixel-Perfect Designs
  • Snap to Pixel Capability
  • Built-in Design Templates and Presets
  • CSS Extractor Tool
  • Color Synchronization
  • Free Transform Option
  • Images in Brushes
  • Path Segment Reshaping Options
  • Perspective Drawing Enhancements
  • Anchor Point Enhancement Options
  • Dynamic Symbols
  • Live Shapes Capability
  • Shape Builder Freeform Mode
  • Smart Guides


Adobe Illustrator is vector editing software. Although it has a similar toolset to Photoshop it works differently. As we discussed, Photoshop edits the pixel-based bitmaps, but Illustrator deals with vector objects. 

The vector objects and images are those files that can be scaled up to specific sizes without pixelating. This super cool software helps in designing logos, shaping objects, and vector backgrounds.

Like Photoshop, Ai files can also be imported directly into After Effects for further animation edits. After creating a design, later, if you change your mind and want to edit the look of the design, then it can be easily changed later and updated in AE automatically.

Infographics of Top 7 Best Motion Graphics Software

Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much software that comes under the motion graphics category. But if you are a Motion Graphic artist it is Adobe After Effects that will fulfill all your requirements.

It’s a big list that is flooded with the best software but some of these are below.

  • 3ds Max (Autodesk)
  • After Effects (Adobe)
  • Animate (Adobe)
  • Blender (The Blender Foundation)
  • Cartoon Animator 4 (Reallusion)
  • Character Animator 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Maya 
  • Cinema 4D

Animation is a processing art that isn’t something learned overnight. It demands practice and more practice. It gets learned with time and process.

Wrap Up!

Consequently, we found many options on the trail regarding the best graphic motion software and editing apps like Alight Motion APK for PC but after getting into the discussion, we ended up with Adobe After Effects as the best software. That is too handy for almost every graphic and video editor. It’s a super advanced feature that gives you wings to create your state-of-the-art. Its powerful graphics, animation results, and amazing sound system make a difference in the editing world. 

Its editing options, sound adjustments, countless effects, and multiple presets are just amazing. But in the end, it is still all up to your needs and requirements. Always make the right decision according to your preferences. We picked the top 7 graphic motion software which can be used for PC and iOS. So what are you waiting for? Just go pick yours and delve into the editing world.

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