Velocity Edits On Alight Motion-How to Do Velocity Edit on ALight Motion

Velocity edits on alight motion are the editing options that help you speed up the editing speed.

Have you ever wondered how to control the speed of your videos like a professional? Well, let me introduce you to Velocity Editing. In video editing, “velocity” is all about how fast or slow your video moves. Sounds tricky, right?

But don’t worry! The Alight Motion app makes it really easy.

With this app, you can quickly speed up or slow down your videos with just a few taps. First, open the app on your Windows, Android, or iPhone and start a new project. Then, add your video and play with its speed using options like Linear, Easy In, Easy Out, and more.

You can even fine-tune it with Time Remapping for slow-mo or fast-forward effects. Once you’re done, your video will have cool professional edits. So, in this article, we will talk about the basics of velocity editing, how to use it, and why it’s awesome for your editing skills.

When we hear “velocity,” we often think of how fast something moves. Similarly, When we talk about velocity in video editing, it’s like the speed of the video – how fast or slow it goes. This is tied to something called frame rate, which decides how smooth the video looks.

Picking the right frame rate depends on different things. But don’t worry!

In the Alight Motion App, we’ve made it easy to change how fast your videos play. Let’s explore how to use this feature.

Following these steps, you can effectively modify the speed or apply velocity effects to your videos using the Alight Motion app.

  1. Open Alight Motion App: Launch the Alight Motion app on your Windows, Android, or iPhone.
  2. Create a New Project: Tap “Create New Project” to start a new project. Choose your preferred resolution and aspect ratio, then tap “Create Project.”
  3. Import Your Video: Add your video to the project by tapping on “Import Media.” Select your desired video from your gallery or camera roll for speed editing.
  4. Edit Video Layers: If your video contains multiple layers, edit each layer that comprises video content.
  5. Explore Speed Options: There are four choices: Linear, Easy In, Easy Out, Easy In and Out.
  6. Understanding Each Option:
  • Linear: Keeps movement at an original speed.
  • Easy In: Starts slow and accelerates towards the end.
  • Easy Out: Begins fast and gradually slows down.
  • Easy In and Out: Combines both fast and slow motion.

Moreover, there’s an additional option, which is the Time Remapping feature.

  1. Time Remapping: To adjust the speed of your video, tap on the video layer and locate the “speedo meter” icon (Time Ramp Alight Motion feature). This allows you to use a slide bar to increase or decrease the video speed from 0.00x to 4.00x.
  2. Splitting Video (Optional): Optionally, divide the video into segments to apply different Alight Motion Effects, such as slow motion or velocity shake, to specific parts.
  3. Apply Changes to Other Layers: Repeat the process for other video layers that require speed adjustments.
  4.  Final Touch: Once you’ve adjusted the speed or applied velocity presets as needed, save your edited video and share it to enjoy the final result.

That’s it! Your high-quality edited project is now saved with professional velocity adjustments.

Velocity Editing feature allows you to pick sections and either speed them up or slow them down. You can even mix both effects within one video.

For example, take a one-minute video. Using Alight Motion’s Velocity editing, you could speed up the first 30 seconds and slow down the last 30 seconds.

This feature lets you create unique effects for a more creative video without any complexity.

Alight Motion’s velocity editing is for controlling video speed. It’s not as tricky as it sounds! With options like Linear, Easy In, Easy Out, and Time Remapping, this app makes editing super easy.

You can speed up or slow down videos step by step. Furthermore, You can also mix both effects in one video. This feature helps you create incredible effects without any complicated methods. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, using Alight Motion feels like being a video editing expert.

It’s a game-changer for making awesome videos that stand out.

Alight Motion is a fantastic video editing app that’s way more advanced than simple ones like iMovie. It’s like having professional editing tools on your phone, making it a big upgrade for anyone using basic editing software.

Alight Motion offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides access to basic features, while the paid version, Alight Motion Pro, unlocks additional advanced tools and functionalities.

Yes, Alight Motion includes a watermark on its output in the free version of the application. However, you can remove the watermark by upgrading to the paid version of the app.

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